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Extra super fine fibers for the future

TISMO was born in 1979, and it has been used for many years. We have been constantly expanding its range of applications in several industrial fields, such as automobiles, office automation equipments, and electronic equipments.

“TISMO” is potassium titanate fiber shown with K2Ti8O17 or K2Ti6O13, and has the very thin form of a fiber length 10-20µm, a fiber diameter 0.3-0.6µm.

“TISMO” has high strength, high rigidness, many advantages from the high-aspect-ratio, and it is used in wide application fields such as reinforcement of plastics, friction material for the automobile, and precise filter.


  1. It is a fine and crystalline fiber. It has the size of about one thousandth of the general glass fiber.
  2. It is high strength, and high-rigid material. It has the strength and rigidity equivalent to the carbon fiber.
  3. It is optimum for the friction material. It has a Mohs hardness equivalent to cast iron, and it has the excellent friction and wear property.


Friction materials(Automotive brake pad, brake lining, clutch, motorcycle brake pad etc.)

Plastics additives(Precision parts, anti-wear parts, heat-resistance parts)

Heat resistant paints

Ion exchange uses

Filters(Diesel engine filter)

General Properties

Chemical composition K2O・8TiO2 K2O・6TiO2
Appearance White powder White powder
Average fiber diameter μm 0.3~0.6 0.3~0.6
Average fiber length μm 10~20 10~20
True density g/cm3 3.3~3.5 3.4~3.6
Water content mass% <0.7 <0.7
pH (dispersed in water) 9~10 7~8
Melting point 1,300~1,350 1,300~1,350
*Mohs hardness 4 4
*Tensile strength GPa 7 7
*Tensile modulus GPa 280 280
*Electric resistance Ω・m 3.3×1015 3.3×1015

*Literature data