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Our Products


TISMO has high intensity, rigidness and aspect ratio. It is used as the resin reinforcement, friction material for automobile and precise filter etc.

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TERRACESS improves stability, abrasion resistance and comfort as friction adjustment materials of various friction materials.

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DENTALL is comprised of a series of Otsuka ceramic materials covered with nanometer thick conductive layers.

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Titanate Filler Technology

Titanate and Titanate Derivatives have the stability of frictional-properties, micro-reinforcement, heat-resistant and abrasion-resistance. They are used for the friction material, the functionality paints of the car. Moreover they are used for a reinforcing material that thermoplastic resins, cements, metals, and ceramic, etc. with the wide application. These markets have extended with Asia and South America including not only Japan but also Europe and America.

We’re Innovating New Applications for Titanate