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Otsuka Chemical has developed a plate-like titanate using shape control as a key technology, the first in the world in 2000.

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Since 1979, we have been constantly expanding TISMO’s range of applications in several industrial fields, such as automobiles, office automation equipments, and electronic equipments.

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By adding DENTALL to various paints, adhesives, resins, or other materials, our customers can provide conductivity without compromising the whiteness of these materials.

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Titanate and Titanate Derivatives

Titanate and Titanate Derivatives have the stability of frictional-properties, micro-reinforcement, heat-resistance and abrasion-resistance. They are used for the friction material and the functionality paints of the car.

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Titanate Technology Capabilities

A glimpse inside the technology, capabilities, and impact in friction materials being produced at the first US location in Griffin, Georgia.

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Environmentally Friendly Factory

By having the first eco, mixed-use park in the state of Georgia,
Otsuka demonstrates a pioneering spirit and commitment to protecting the environment.

Our Mission

Building Trust, providing new value to our planet through the commitment of superior products, services, and innovative technology.